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Remember when Buckwild star Salwa Amin was arrested back in February during a drug raid that yielded heroin, Oxycodone and a large amount of cash? Well, apparently it slipped Salwa’s mind. The reality star was supposed to head to court this week for the first official hearing related to her arrest, but she reportedly never showed up, prompting the judge to issue a bench warrant for her arrest.

According to TMZ, Amin was arrested for the second time this morning, and she’s currently sitting in jail without bail. No date has been set for her next hearing; so, consequently, she could wind up spending more than a wink locked up before she’s allowed to go home. Considing she’s the one who allegedly blew off her court date, that sounds about right too.

MTV’s Buckwild premiered to strong ratings, but it’s largely been mired in controversy ever since. Another castmember was arrested for driving under the influence, and many observers have worried the show will only heighten many negative rural stereotypes already in place.

Amin and two of her friends were arrested initially inside a shed after police raided the property looking for drugs. They allegedly found a slew of those, as well as money and booked all three people at the property for a range of crimes include possession and intent to distribute. If convicted, all three will be looking at far more than slaps on the wrist.