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Puppies and babies have a long, well documented history of being cute. Case and point, this puppy Bulldog and baby interacting is guaranteed the cutest thing I will see all day. Forty seven heart warming seconds of a view into someone’s life that resembles the beginning plot of a boy and his dog film. The formula is there, the parents are cooing and carrying on, and all signs would have you believe the Internet is showing your typical cute babies and animals video. This is not the case.

Take a look into the child's eyes. Inside that mostly vacant yet rapidly absorbing brain of his a thought is forming. The wheels turn, and right about the time the Bulldog pup licks inside the ear, the baby has a revelation. He is not enjoying any of this.

The baby struggles against the might of the puppy. Try as he might, he is just not mobile enough to successfully evade the love and affection of this young Bulldog. He looks to his parents for support, but they are blinded to his plight as they are filled with the emotion of parenthood, becoming new pet owners, and exploiting both to become YouTube famous. Realizing he must take matters into his own hands, the baby uses his hands in an attempt to deflect the puppy's massive intrusion of privacy on his face. The puppy nips the babies hand, as if to say, “I am in control.”

The baby sees his time to act, and grunts in response to the gumming of the pup, hoping to gain some reprieve, if not a complete removal of the puppy after the offense. Most parents, one would think, would then decide it’s time to distance the two and perhaps allow them to act independently of each other before things get rough. These parents, however, realize a fifteen second video just won’t net the amount of views, and so the adorable assault continues.

The best part of the video comes when the father asks, “What do you think about the puppy?” You can see in the baby's facial expression exactly how he feels about this puppy. Perhaps some day they will form a bond. Another day they might become the best of friends. Maybe, just maybe, at the dog's passing when the boy is in high school he will shed a tear for an old friend he knew well. Today is not that day, and now the puppy is laying on the baby. Stay strong child, for your tale is now well documented in the confines of the internet.

To check out some adorable puppies, head over to suburban bullies, the site that also offered up this adorable footage.

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