Former Freaks And Geeks star Busy Philipps will soon add a new member to her family. The thirty-three-year-old who wed her writer husband Marc Silverstein back in 2007 had a daughter in 2008, and now, she’ll have a second child in 2013.

Rather than unfurl the news the standard celebrity way via a publicist released statement, Philipps decided to go tech 2.0 and let her fans know on Twitter. Here’s a look at exactly what she sent out this morning…

Apart from the other members of her family, I can’t imagine anyone is more excited about that Tweet than Clearblue. The picture looks like an actual advertisement for the company, and it really hammers home how much easier reading actual words are than trying to figure out what a certain number of lines means.

Unfortunately, there is one clear downside to passing along news in this form. We haven’t been given any information beyond the basic pregnancy reveal. She could be twelve weeks or twenty weeks. She could be having a boy or having a girl. Hopefully, that information will come in the near future, but for the time being, it’s a guessing game.

Four years ago when Busy had her daughter, she gave birth without pain medication. It’ll be interesting to see whether she goes that same route again or willingly takes something now that she’s proven she doesn’t need it. It's clear what most women would do, but obviously, Busy isn't exactly most women.

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