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CNN Reporter Arwa Damon Accused Of Drunkenly Biting People

Of the three major cable news networks, CNN is the one we typically think of as professional. It might have the lowest ratings and the occasional questions about production value, but more often than not, the reporters and talking heads put some effort into not sensationalizing. That’s a good thing too because the following story, about CNN, doesn’t need any sensationalizing at all. The network has been sued for $1 million by two different men who claim they were bitten by a reporter.

Details on what exactly happened are still a little fuzzy, but in short, veteran correspondent Arwa Damon was at the US Embassy in Baghdad earlier this summer when EMTs were called. Some sort of confrontation erupted immediately after they arrived, and now, the two emergency responders are claiming they were verbally abused and bitten by the journalist. As for why she would bite them, according to TMZ, EMTs Tracy Lamar and Charles Simons are claiming Damon was unruly, violent and intoxicated. She allegedly screamed at them about being a famous reporter and chomped down on their left arms.

At a snapshot, it sounds like the type of lawsuit that would only involve the alleged biter herself, but the two paramedics claim CNN knew about Arwa Damon’s violent, drunken streak and simply let her continue on. As such, they want $1 million out of the cable news network for the pain and suffering associated with the supposed bites, as well as some scrapes and bruises that happened during the altercation.

You can check out Damon in action below…

None of us have any idea what happened during this incident since we weren’t there. Hopefully, the truth eventually comes to light and justice is doled out in the correct fashion, however that might be.

Mack Rawden

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