A Camera Squirt Gun? Check Out The Pranking Possibilities

Prankster Roman Atwood is known for creating some hilarious and outside-the-box pranks. His most recent scheme is probably one of the most juvenile but humorous videos we’ve seen from the man thus far. In the above video, Atwood and his pal Dennis Roady had some free time while on a trip to London. During their stay, they created squirt guns that actually look like cameras and unleashed the camouflaged weapons on random people in the city.

There’s a guy at the end of the video that says the prank is not remotely funny, but to see tourists looking around and trying to figure out the source of random water droplets should be pretty amusing for anyone who bothers to watch the footage. The prank is harmless, and it seems like the sort of thing that anyone could accomplish, should they be able to access the correct products and find the free time to turn a camera into a squirt gun. You don’t even need to watch the video to appreciate the lowbrow humor here, just check out this ridiculous image of a squirt gun camera and two confused women.


There are a lot of pranks out there that are mean-spirited. The best ones, however, are able to find that perfect zone in which the victim is annoyed but ultimately able to laugh about the situation because, at the end of the day, no one’s goal should be to ruin someone else’s day. Besides, as Atwood has proven over and over again, there are ways to make people laugh without ever crossing any kind of line.

Atwood’s been up to these sort of antics on his YouTube page for a while. His channel currently boasts 173 videos that range from shake weight pranks that make people look like they are doing something a little more devious in public to some slightly more sincere pranks, which include calling up a pizza chain, pretending to be a cop and having pizza delivered to the homeless. The latter is so excellent, we’ll give you a another chance to watch it.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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