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Carly Rae Jepsen doesn’t have to worry about crushing on a guy whose sexual preferences don’t run the same way as hers. The popular “Call Me Maybe” singer recently admitted to the press she is actually taken, and has been for over a year. At the time, the 26-year-old did decline to name the person she has been dating, but a little sleuthing later, the entire world can learn the name of her beau.

Recently, Jepsen was spotted at the GetGlue HD Launch Party with musician Matthew Koma, who is probably best known for his upcoming tour with Owl City in October. According to People, the couple held hands throughout the day, but the real clincher came later on in the evening, when the couple met up with Jepsen’s parents for a cozy family dinner.

Jepsen seems pretty happy about her one-year relationship, even using adjectives like “amazing” and “supportive” to describe her dude. If he’s spending time with her parents, it is clear the relationship is pretty intimate, which is probably as it should be. Despite the pop singer picking up on themes in her songs that probably are more relevant to younger audiences, she is actually 26-years-old and probably ready to keep the relationships moving forward that matter most to her. Pop Blend would like to wish the happy couple the best of luck as they move into the public limelight. It may not be the most fun for Koma, but it's probably good press for his music.

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