Hollywood’s preoccupation with plastic surgery ranges from the scary, otherwise known as Joan Rivers, to the much improved like Megan Fox. The preoccupation touches the young and old, and male and female alike. However, it's not just radical changes that some celebs look for. In addition to nose jobs and face lifts, there's the skin to think about.

The pale, perfect skin and glowing, rosy cheeks of Cate Blanchett’s are natural, thanks to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button actresses' fear of getting work done, mostly due to the “work’s” longterm ramifications.
“I’m not sitting on a soapbox telling women what they should and shouldn’t do. I just know what works for me. I’d just be too frightened about what it means long-term. Looking at women in their 20s doing this stuff, in the end all you see is the work. It doesn’t fill me with admiration; it fills me with pity.”

In fact, Blanchett is not really wholly into fads, thanks to figuring out a regimen and a routine that has worked perfectly well for her over the years. Blanchett has actually used the same product on her face for a decade, and if you have seen the actress, it seems to be working just fine. If we know anything, we should expect her to keep using SK-II for years to come.
“I’m really lazy! If it works, I just keep using it.

It probably helps she is a spokesperson for the product. To hear more beauty euphemisms, you can check out the rest of the interview over at Fashion, etc. Or, feel free to just bask in the Cate Blanchett glow.

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