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Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter won’t face criminal prosecution over her recent overdose. The nineteen-year-old college student was rushed to the hospital early yesterday morning and later charged with possession of heroin and marijuana, but thanks to a recently passed law, both she and the other college student who phoned the police and later got arrested cannot legally be prosecuted.

According to The Utica Observer Dispatch, no witness who seeks help for someone who suffered an overdose can be charged with a crime in New York, provided he or she doesn’t possess more than eight ounces of heroin. The overdose victim is also free from prosecution under the same piece of legislation, meaning both Stephanie R Bongiovi and Ian Grant will not be charged for the scary incident.

The local police department officially announced the dropping of the charges this afternoon, but even though Bongiovi is off the hook legally, it’s likely she’ll still face serious repercussions from both Hamilton College and her parents. Injecting or snorting heroin inside a dorm room is obviously a gross violation of the student handbook, and one would imagine Jon and his wife won’t be overly excited about continuing to pay for Stephanie’s education until she gets clean.

Without any real knowledge of her past or the circumstances surrounding the overdose, it’s hard to tell whether this was a one-time stupid decision or a gigantic life problem. Either way, heroin has never been a good life call for anyone. Here’s to hoping Stephanie gets the help she needs sooner rather than later.