Charlie Brown Voice Actor Could Spend 3 Years In Jail For Threat Over Boob Job

More details are starting to emerge from the recent arrest of former Charlie Brown voice actor Peter Robbins, and if true, they paint the picture of a desperate man willing to go to almost any lengths to correct what he perceived as an injustice. Apparently, the fifty-six-year-old paid for his girlfriend, Shawna Kern, to get breast enhancement surgery. Unfortunately, the results didn’t turn out as he expected, and in the time since, he’s reportedly made threats against both the surgeon, Dr. Lori Saltz, and his now ex-girlfriend in a quest to get his money back.

According to 10 News, Kern claims Robbins choked her during an argument and demanded she accompany him to the surgeon’s office to get a refund. She reportedly refused, the relationship ended and he moved on to leaving angry messages at the doctor’s office. To protect herself, Saltz reportedly moved into a hotel and hired an armed guard for her business.

Robbins was arrested for making criminal threats and stalking while trying to enter the country from Mexico in January. As he was being apprehended, he allegedly threatened to kill the officer who booked him, but ultimately, the police decided not to charge him as related to that incident. If convicted for the problems with his ex-girlfriend and the surgeon, he could face up to three years in jail.

Robbins first rose to fame when he was cast as the voice of Charlie Brown at the age of nine. Over the next several years, he voiced the character in quite a few specials and made some live action appearances in other shows. By the early 1970s, however, he was no longer acting.

Here’s to hoping everyone involved in this situation is able to move on with their lives after sufficient punishments are doled out. Charlie Brown has brought a lot of happiness to people over the years. Hopefully, Robbins and those in his life will be able to find some of their own.

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