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Models are not my thing in particular, at least not as a collector. Still, this piece of work by Grant Louden based on the cover art of James Blish’s The Star Dwellers novel is spectacular. I have been in the presence of a full scale Tardis replica, as well as a scale model of Serenity that was so detailed it could have been used to film a scene with. Models are not just toys, and even as a non-collector, it’s easy to appreciate the fine craftsmanship that’s gone into the work you see above.

Don’t forget that many special effects shots in older sci-fi movies and TV shows are based on scale models. But seeing a picture of one is nothing compared to the real thing. The artform is waning as of late, thanks to CGI, but there are artists and workshops in the world still doing incredible work. What Grant has done here is not only made something beautiful, but also paid homage to the original artwork.

Old school sci-fi novels are known for having paintings as their cover, sometimes kitschy in all the wrong ways, and often works of art worthy of hanging. This model is based on Colin Hay’s vibrant painting of The Star Dwellers covers. Mr. Hay consulted on the model, and Grant was given official endorsement by everyone involved. The result is a level of detail that you only find from those passionate about their work.

Looking at the picture of the model, and all the detail included, I can imagine what it’s like to lean close and peer at the minutia that makes the model come to life. Sci-Fi O-Rama has an in-depth interview with the model maker that is worth exploring.

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