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Warning: I can’t believe I have to say this, but I do. The following article about Jennifer Lawrence being spoiled on Homeland contains the very same spoilers about Homeland that spoiled her. If you are behind on Homeland or feel you might want to watch at some point in the future, it’s best to avoid both this video and the article itself...because it contains spoilers.

Jennifer Lawrence is a woman with an expressive face. At any given time, her emotions are easily guessable for anyone within a thirty foot radius. Try as she might, there’s just no playing it cool, which frequently manifests itself in hysterical and over-the-top faces and reactions, like in this Photobomb and over the weekend on the SAG Red Carpet when Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson accidentally spoiled the starlet on the end of Homeland Season 3.

The conversation started off pleasant enough, as the two women were geeking out about Damien Lewis aka Brody getting interviewed by another reporter nearby. Lawrence admitted she’s a superfan of the show and has watched the first two seasons on DVD twice. Unfortunately, something got lost in translation because when Robinson called Lewis over to join the conversation, she just let the spoilers rip, blurting out that Brody was killed off.

A visibly shocked Lawrence immediately called Robinson out for her loose lips and repeatedly chastised her for the rest of the interview. At one point, Lawrence even gave herself a pep talk to “get it together” because she felt so flustered by the information she just learned. Poor Robinson tried her best to change the subject a few times, but all the actress wanted to talk about was how betrayed she felt.

I get why she’s so angry, but if you’re months behind on a television show and you bring it up, you need to be very overt about letting people know you’re behind. I premptively shout at people if I ever tape a sporting event with the intention of watching it later in the night. I think she tried to do that by saying she’d watched the first two seasons twice, but “I haven’t seen round three yet” would have been a little clearer.

Still, our sincerest thoughts go out to Lawrence for her troubling loss of Homeland naivety.