The life of a public relations executive at a large company is a weird one. Some days you wake up without a whole lot to do, and some days you wake up having to unexpectedly fight off claims your company designed a teapot to look like Adolf Hitler.

That last, particularly hilarious example, is exactly what poor workers at JC Penney have been doing over the past few days after some geniuses over at Reddit realized the above billboard, currently hanging out in Culver City, California, looks a whole lot like the Fuhrer with his distinctive hair swoop and Hitler ‘stashe.

In response to the brewing controversy, the manufacturer has used its official Twitter account to send out quite a few lighthearted responses to let the general public know this whole fiasco really was a freak accident. Here’s a look at one of the retorts in question…
”Definitely unintentional. If we had designed the teapot to look like something, we would have gone with a baby panda tea kettle :)”

Despite some minor controversies, JC Penney has actually proven itself to be a pretty strong advocate for human rights, which would make the company decidedly un-Hitler-like. Luckily, I highly doubt a whole lot of sensible people out there will think this is anything more than a goofy coincidence, whether executives offer a more public denial or not. If they do, however, we’ll bring it to you.

If you’re looking to pick this tea kettle up either because you really like tea or because it’s a strange thing to stick on a coffee table, you’ll have to check your local store because the website has already sold out.

Image Credit: Imgur

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