The next time you see one of those crazy guys on the side of the road aggressively twirling signs for pizza or cell phones, make sure you stop and truly appreciate the moment. In the next few years, it’s likely that sign flipper will be out of a job, replaced by a robot who doesn’t need fifteen minute breaks or minimum wage compensation.

That surprising realization hit YouTube user Stealing Axion over the weekend when he was out and about and realized the Little Caesars sign dude was actually a robot made to look like a human being. Check out the creepy footage below…

There are people out there who are no doubt bothered by this, but to be perfectly honest, I’m not really sure sign flipper is a job we should care about protecting. In fact, it seems like exactly the type of activity we should have robots for. Thoughtless labor is well within their skill sets. That being said, I’m never a fan of making robots look like human beings. That’s just creepy.

There’s no word yet on whether Little Caesars plans to roll out robots at all of its locations, but if executives make an announcement, we’ll let you know when the off-putting machines will go national.

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