There are a lot of women in the world with large hips, but Mikel Ruffinelli is pretty sure hers are the only ones that measure more than one hundred inches around. The Los Angeles area mother of four had pretty unusual proportions growing up, and with each pregnancy, her hips pushed out a little bit wider until they were more than sixty inches larger than her stomach.

You can take a look at a short segment about her body in the video embedded below…

This video is a great example of how wonderful and diverse the world is. A lot of men might not be excited about being with a woman with such unusual proportions, but her husband is pleased as punch. You can tell he wouldn’t trade anything about her figure for a single second, probably because he already paid for his license to operate heavy machinery.

In all seriousness though, the key to life is being happy with yourself. Mikel might have some daily struggles thanks to her size, but she’s learned to make the best of them and take joy in the aspects of herself she likes.

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