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There are some people who always take the stairs when going up a single flight, and there are others who will always take the escalator. I’m an in-between guy. If there aren’t that many stairs and the incline isn’t terribly steep, I’ll usually take the stairs. That puny effort usually makes me feel like I have my act together. That being said, if I ever find myself in Kawasaki, Japan, I will definitely take the escalator inside More’s Department Store.

Rising less than thirty-three inches, the world’s smallest escalator is a visual hilarity, and thanks to Hippykiller1, it’s now a viral sensation. The traveler took footage of himself riding down it on seven occasions and uploaded it to YouTube this morning. Do yourself a favor and watch it below…

One thing I appreciate about this video is that the guy shows you step-by-step exactly how he found the escalator, all the way down to showing the map inside the department store. I also like that we’re given zoomed in angles and other shots from afar. That helps put its comical smallness into perspective.

I’m not sure this elevator is worth going to Japan for, but if people are already in the area, it certainly seems like a goofy way to spend three-to-four seconds of a vacation.

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