Chicken Nugget Resembling George Washington Auctions For $8,100

Chicken nuggets, like clouds, come in all different shapes and sizes. Some of them resemble cute little creatures, that is, if you tilt them in the right direction and squint, but every now and again a chicken nugget will directly resemble a famous person, place, or thing. Such is the case with a nugget acquired by Rebekah Speight in Sioux City, Nebraska.

Three years ago, Speight was eating out with her kids at a local McDonald’s for “99-Cent McNugget Tuesday” when she noticed one of her children’s nuggets resembled the profile of George Washington readily found on any quarter in the United States. Astonished and amused, the mother wrapped up the nugget and placed it for safekeeping in her freezer where it would not spoil.

Then, Speight had a weightier idea. What if she put the McNugget up for bid on E-Bay in the attempt to raise money for kids who are members of Sioux City Family Worship Center to go to summer camp? On Ebay the chicken nugget went, where it was checked out over 44,000 times until the auction ended at 11:30 on Monday, according to The Sioux City Journal. The final bidder won the nugget for $8,100.

While, I kind of see more of a bison in a stiff suit than Washington himself, apparently there really are history buffs out there willing to combine a love for fast food and presidents into one strange collector’s item. I hardly blame Speight for selling the item, however, as it will help 50 children go to summer camp. Next in the chicken nugget shape war, are more famous faces, including this gem of an item, up for bid until tomorrow.