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Ordinarily, mothers complain about fathers not spending enough time with their children or not paying child support, but in the case of Chris Bosh’s ex Allison Mathis, she’s displeased about the amount of time the Miami Heat star wants to spend with his three-year-old daughter. By order of the court, Bosh is reportedly entitled to spend twelve days a month with the little girl, but he recently took Mathis to court claiming she only gave him twenty-two hours total in February. Now the two sides are facing off in front of a judge again, this time over the coolest vacation ever.

According to TMZ, Bosh wants to take his daughter to London for the Olympics. The big man will most likely be representing Team USA, and he’d like the little girl to have a cool experience watching her father. Her mother, on the other hand, sees the London Games as a potential terrorist threat, and she doesn’t want the little girl anywhere near such a situation. She’s apparently fine with Bosh risking his life for Team USA, but she doesn’t see why her daughter should be forced to do the same.

The case is currently winding its way through the court system, but a judgment should come quickly given the Olympics are later this summer. Without any surprise new evidence, I would be surprised if a judge didn’t let the forward take his girl to London, but I suppose we’ll see in the coming weeks. Clearly, this issue extends a lot further back than this one trip dispute.