Chris Brown may be able to perform most places in the United States these days without major protests, but in Guyana, many people apparently aren’t so quick to forgive. Roughly three years after he was arrested and convicted for hitting, biting and choking his then girlfriend Rihanna, Brown has been forced to pull out of a concert because of fervent protests.

According to The Huffington Post, opposition lawmakers and women’s rights groups represented the loudest voices of dissent against the pop star’s appearance. He was scheduled to headline a show on December 26 at a local stadium. With the angry cries showing no signs of quieting, however, Brown decided to cut his losses and cancel the gig.

The announcement was made by concert promoter Hits & Jams Entertainment yesterday. There’s no word yet on what fans should do with their tickets, but since there likely won’t be a make-up date, it’s a good bet straight refunds will be offered. Expect for that information to come out within the next few days.

Whether or not Brown should be allowed to perform is a complicated question. What he did was appalling, but the truth of the matter is way more men abuse their wives and girlfriends than we’d like to admit. We can’t deny each of them a way to make a living. Once they serve their time, it’s their right to go back to work. If women’s rights groups want to protest outside the gigs, that's their right too, however.

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