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The case against Chris Brown is splitting at the seams and falling apart. Many of the witnesses to the altercation have given conflicting reports to the police, and upon further review, the alleged victim’s injuries might not be as serious as originally suspected. In response, the district attorney has decided to reduce the assault charge from a felony to a misdemeanor.

If this story seems vaguely familiar, it’s probably because we’ve all heard it before. Remember when Brown ran into a woman’s car? Well, those charges got dropped. Remember when he exchanged fists with Frank Ocean? The other singer decided not to press charges. Remember the brawl with Drake at WIP Nightclub? No charges. Over the years, Brown has found a way to elude harsh punishments for the incidents themselves, but because of his probation from the Rihanna domestic violence case, even these slaps on the wrist always wind up being major hassles.

This newest case is another example of that. Brown was posing for a picture with some women when an altercation with an unidentified individual took place. Brown claims the man was trying to get on his bus. The man claims the singer was mad over a photobomb. Either way, the random dude wound up getting hit and headed for the hospital. Brown was initially charged with felony assault for allegedly slugging the guy in the face, but now, that’s been reduced to a misdemeanor. No matter how it plays out, there’s no way he’ll serve any real jail time for that, but it’s very likely the incident will trigger another parole violation hearing, which could send Brown to jail for up to four years, as per TMZ.

Once a man has been convicted of a pretty serious crime, it’s a whole lot harder to stay out of trouble. That’s because even the smallest incidents are deemed parole violations or examples of repeat misbehavior. That being said, the singer obviously needs to figure out a way to keep his nose clean. That starts with not being out at 4:30 AM and interacting with random people on the street who may or may not be looking for trouble.

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