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When Christina Ricci first burst on to the scene, she was a lithe youth with a goth vibe, capable of playing opposite Casper the Friendly Ghost and Cousin It. While many fans still associate the actress with some of her early roles, she’s been a grown woman for quite some time, and this weekend the 33-year-old hit a new adult milestone, tying the knot with dolly grip James Heerdegen.

The couple initially met on the set of the highly anticipated period series Pan Am in 2011. While the show didn’t end up being a hit for ABC, it’s still a good thing Ricci and Heerdegen were involved, because they ended up hitting it off. They dated for a few years before Ricci was caught with a bit of bling last winter. Eventually, Ricci’s rep confirmed the actress said "yes" to Heerdegen’s proposal.

Planning a wedding is always a bit difficult, even for celebrities who are relatively low-key, like Ricci. The Smurfs 2 actress hasn’t been big about talking about her “moderately-sized wedding” over the last several months, but she did tell US Weekly in April that planning a wedding was “overwhelming.”
"I have a designer who is a friend of mine who is designing a dress for me. I have a venue picked out and a caterer. It's slow going… We're figuring it out. It's more overwhelming than I thought it would be, but the rumors are true. Wedding planning is overwhelming.”

Things seem to have gone off without a hitch, however. According to People, the couple was married in New York on Saturday evening at the Harold Pratt House and Peterson Hall. The bride wore a Givenchy gown embroidered with pearls, as well as a veil. The event sounds gorgeous and perfect and we hope Heerdegen and Ricci’s married life is that way, as well. Congrats to the happy couple through the first few weeks of marriage.