Chumlee From Pawn Stars Involved In Altercation On Hollywood Boulevard

Chumlee might not come off like a fighter on Pawn Stars, but he does come off like a dude who would park a Rolls Royce on Hollywood Boulevard and attract attention. The reality star apparently did as much this past weekend, but things got ugly in a hurry after a stranger approached and asked for a ride.

Details are still very fuzzy, but apparently, Chum was hanging out with some of his buddies when an unknown male walked over and began bantering with the guys. The television personality later told TMZ the dude didn’t seem to recognize him but instead was looking to cause problems. After Chum and company refused to escort him around, the guy allegedly said he had a gun, and when he reached into his pocket, one of the random guys there clocked him in the face.

Without any idea whether the mystery guy actually had a gun or how pissed he might be if he got up, Chum hopped in his car and sped off. Beyond that, almost nothing is known. It’s unclear if the guy filed a police report, went to the hospital or simply took his punch, cleaned himself up and walked off.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t buy a Rolls Royce or that this is Chumlee’s fault, but there is something to be said for driving a vehicle that doesn’t attract attention, especially if you’re going to park on Hollywood Boulevard and just hang out in front of it.

Mack Rawden
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