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Is Community Losing Its Premiere Date A Blessing In Disguise?

Over the first few weeks of the television season, NBC has done better than the network ever could have expected. Shows like Go On and The New Normal have both found impressive audiences, and the larger drama, Revolution, has been full on crushing. Better than a step in the right direction, it’s exactly what NBC has needed for more than a half decade. Unfortunately, success does come with a price.

NBC announced today that it’s shelving Community and Whitney in order to focus all of its attention on continuing the current positive momentum. The two comedies were scheduled to begin airing on Friday later this month. Now, all we know is an announcement will be made within the next few weeks to give fans an idea of what to look for in the future.

Given all the dramatic upheaval Community has gone through in the last year, this whole things sounds like it should be bad news, but if it winds up getting the show moved away from the horrendous Friday timeslot it was initially scheduled for, it’ll go down as great news. Unfortunately, that’s still a big “if” at this juncture.

What do you think? Will the lack of a premiere date allow Community to eventually weasel its way back into a cushy, non-Friday timeslot? Or is this whole thing just evidence for how little NBC cares about its shows? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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Mack Rawden

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