Debbie Rowe Expected To Testify About Michael Jackson's Drug Abuse

Michael Jackson’s ex-wife and mother of his children, Debbie Rowe, has been called to testify in the contentious AEG/ Katherine Jackson wrongful death lawsuit, and more than likely, her presence will spell trouble for the family in their attempts to blame the death on the large company. The exact words Rowe will use are unclear, but she’s widely expected to say her ex-husband hid his drug use from his family and his employers and that she later found out he routinely would go to Dr. Artie Klein’s office and have himself injected with Demerol and Vistaril in order to get some sleep.

The basic crux of Katherine and company’s accusations is that AEG knew full well Jackson was a mess and continued to push him to perform in order to reap the financial rewards. They’re claiming AEG never should have let Dr. Conrad Murray continue treating Michael, and they should have taken a step back and cancelled the entire endeavor when it became clear something was wrong. As such, they want billions in lost earnings.

Winning the case for the Jackson family is pretty reliant on whether or not they can paint Michael as a sick and needy man who was obviously a mess. Fortunately or unfortunately, however, Debbie’s testimony is going to spell out just the opposite. She will tell the jury about how MJ hid his problems from his loved ones for years. According to TMZ, she will likely point out that those very same people suing AEG also catered to the pop star’s every wish, refusing to tell him “No” when he needed it the most.

Because of the length of the trial and how long some of the witnesses are being interviewed for, it’s unclear exactly when Debbie will be called to the stand. At this point, it’s looking like either Tuesday or Wednesday, but obviously, that could change moving forward. Either way, whenever she gets on the stand will be a solid day for the defense.

Since Michael’s death back in 2009, Rowe has gotten extremely close to her daughter Paris. The two reportedly spend quite a bit of time together, and for awhile, it was even rumored the teenager might go live with her mother. Because of the details of Debbie and Michael’s marriage and parenthood, it’s easy to laugh about the strange situation, but by all accounts, Rowe was and continues to be a really good influence on the Jackson family. She’s always lived on the straight and narrow and encouraged other people to do the same. Hopefully, if nothing else, her testimony will be a great example to the kids that honesty is always the best policy.

Mack Rawden
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