Divergent Book #3 Release Date Set For October 2013

Production on the feature adaptation of Veronica Roth's Divergent is supposed to start in Chicago this year, with Shailene Woodley already on board to play the lead role of Beatrice Prior. There's still no official word on who will star opposite Woodley as Four, though fans are surely awaiting that news. In the meantime, they're also awaiting word on the publication of the third book in the series. The release date for the yet-to-be-titled third Divergent book has been set for October 22, 2013.

Divergent is set in dystopian Chicago where society is broken up into five factions, which determine how people live their lives. The first book follows Beatrice Prior, a teen who must decide whether or not she'll stay with the selfless Abnegation faction or choose another faction. When she makes her choice, her character is put to the test as she participates in a challenging training process in order to be accepted into the faction. The story expands beyond that by the end of the first book, though I won't get into details there for the sake of spoilers. It's a good read though, especially if you're a fan of young adult dystopian novels. The second book, titled Insurgent, was released last October, so an October release date for #3 seems fitting.

News of the third book's release date was shared on the Divergent Facebook page along with the photo below, which promises a cover reveal to come.

It's probably safe to assume that the third book will have some sort of circular symbol on the cover, to match the covers of Divergent (opens in new tab) and Insurgent (opens in new tab). Hopefully we'll hear word on the title soon enough. And the same can be said for casting on the movie. In addition to Woodley, we also know that Kate Winslet was in talks for a part in the film, though her role was unspecified.

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