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In about a month, the first of the four planned Divergent eShorts will arrive online. That is, assuming scheduled listing date remains the same. September 3 is the current date listed for the release of The Transfer, the first of four Tobias-focused short eBooks set to be released online between now and when the Divergent movie arrives in theaters next winter. Today, a sample of the book, or a short-short, as I'm choosing to call it, has made its way online, giving us a look at the start of The Transfer, and a pretty good indication of what this book will be about.

I mention schedule changes because the World of Divergent Bonus book was scheduled for release on September 3, but that date's been moved to September 24, so we'll be waiting a bit longer for that one. But given that 9/24 is the same day The Transfer releases, hopefully that means that date is fixed. Divergent author Veronica Roth has said that the four Tobias eShorts would work as "kind of a little disjointed prequel to Divergent," told from Tobias' perspective. Via Hypable, a few pages of the first book are now available as a sample over at iTunes. Right now iBooks compatibility is somewhat limited, and unfortunately the sample doesn't seem to be available on Amazon just yet. But if you're curious about what's in the first couple of pages of The Transfer, read the block of text below. If you don't want any spoilers, skip the block below!

The Transfer spoilers begin here - The story begins with Tobias coming out of his Aptitude Test, which Tori administered. She asks him if he was aware that it was a simulation while he was in it. Tobias lies and says no, but he's thinking about how his father coached him ahead of the test. Tori tells him he's in a safe room and he can talk freely, but he doesn't press the matter. Tobias keeps his mouth shut on what he's really thinking. Tori tells him he's textbook Abnegation. Tobias is disappointed. He would've liked any faction besides Abnegation - his current faction. Tori reminds Tobias that he's the one that has to live with his choice. Everyone else will get over the disappointment, but he won't if he makes the wrong choice. Tobias leaves and returns to the cafeteria to sit by himself. He's kind of an outsider within his faction. No one wants anything to do with him. An Euridite woman announces that the testing is over and everyone is dismissed. The Choosing ceremony is tomorrow.

So it seems The Transfer is about Tobias' choice to switch from Abnegation to Dauntless. Does he have a conversation with his father about this? Does he cross paths with anyone else? And what makes him decide he's meant for Dauntless? I'm also curious to know if Tori suspects Tobias is Divergent. He passed his test with clean results because he knew how to react to the scenarios. But she seemed like she might be a little suspicious. Either way, Tobias knew to lie, so I assume he knows he's Divergent, or that there was a good chance he would be.


Between the four eShorts, the World of Divergent bonus book, the release of Book 3, Allegiant and the Divergent movie, there's a lot to look forward to for Divergent fans. There's also a lot to keep track of! Here's the current schedule of releases:

September 3 - The Transfer. (Date updated from original Sept. 24 publication date)
September 24 - The World of Divergent: The Path to Allegiant.

October 22 - Allegiant.
December 17 - The Initiate.
January 21 - The Son.
February 11 - The Traitor.

And then the feature adaptation of Divergent arrives in theaters March 21, 2014.

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