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Chris Brown’s refusal to stand up and clap for Grammy winner Frank Ocean didn’t sit too well with many fans who were watching the award ceremony at home, and apparently, it didn’t sit well with at least one woman who was at the event either. Not long after Ocean walked off stage, Adele apparently stomped over to Brown’s seat and belittled him for his lack of respect.

You can check out a photo of Brown’s refusal to stand-up below…

In the hours since news of Adele’s behavior went public via The Metro, reaction has been very mixed. A certain percentage of people are very pleased that someone stood up to Brown and criticized him for his lack of manners. He’s not exactly known for his spotless behavior, and thus, it’s not surprising people would be glad about his fellow celebrities losing patience. Then again, there is also another segment of observers who don’t get why Adele would put herself in the middle of a situation that clearly didn’t concern her. He didn’t refuse to clap for her, and she could have just as easily sat down and said nothing.

What do you think? Are you glad Adele yelled at Brown, or do you think she should have minded her own business? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Was Adele Right To Yell At Chris Brown?

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