Do You Have Any Confidence In Chris Brown Getting His Act Together?

Earlier this week, Chris Brown checked into rehab following his involvement in yet another brawl. He’s reportedly planning to stay at the facility in Malibu for ninety days and will work on his anger management issues while there. In theory, this sounds like an incredibly mature decision and a positive development in his life, but many of the singer’s harshest critics are seeing something far different.

Thanks to this most recent Washington DC brawl in which he allegedly punched a random dude all up in the face, for of all crimes photobombing him, Brown is being investigated for violating his probation. If he were to be found guilty on such a charge, he would be sent to jail for four years. In matters like this, however, judges tend to look more kindly on defendants who are actively getting their lives together, as in doing things like checking into rehab.

On the one hand, it’s easy to see where the singer’s critics are coming from. Brown hasn’t spoken a ton about his motivations, but he did release a statement saying he wants to seek “insight” into his behavior. That’s a phenomenal reason for checking into rehab, but that way of looking at the situation also sounds suspiciously like it might be lawyer-advised. Over the years, he’s continually made mistake after mistake and very rarely has he shown any signs of remorse.

On the other hand, however, it really seems unfair that people are giving Brown a hard time about going to rehab. Celebrities get help for drug and alcohol problems all the time, and for the most part, we cheer them. Why is that any different than getting help with anger management? Besides, experts say people with problems should go to rehab, regardless of what they say to justify it.

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