Do You Think Maks Actually Slapped Hope Solo?

In Hope Solo’s new book, Solo: A Memoir Of Hope, the US National Team goaltender accuses her former Dancing With The Stars partner of being inappropriately physical. Anyone who watched the show at the time was well aware she and Maksim Chmerkovskiy had, to put it nicely, chemistry issues, but there’s a hell of a lot of difference between personality conflicts and physical confrontations.

In Memoir Of Hope, Solo makes it clear there were a whole lot of both during rehearsals, but not surprisingly, the latter claims are getting the majority of the attention. If her book is to be believed, Maks apparently slapped Solo in the stomach so hard she had a palm print for the rest of the day and even slapped her face once in order to reposition her head. Of course, whether or not Solo should be believed is a big if at this juncture.

Maks has already publically denied the allegation, and Solo’s former soccer coach, who she also accused of getting too physical, has called BS on her words too. That doesn’t necessarily mean either is false, but it does mean the situation probably isn’t that cut and dry.

More than likely, I think Maks probably poked, prodded and pushed Solo’s body in different directions during rehearsals in order to teach her, but it’s hard for me to imagine he full on slapped her. What do you think? Are you willing to believe Maks was inappropriately physical with Hope? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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