Do You Think Melissa McCarthy Deserved Her Oscar Nomination?

Early this morning, the Academy Award nominations came out, and as per usual, all people seem to want to talk about are the snubs. Among this year’s biggest omissions were Michael Fassbender, Albert Brooks, Shailene Woodley, Patton Oswalt and Charlize Theron. All have legitimate cases as to why they shouldn’t have been passed over, but of course, the more people that get screwed, the more that get somewhat unexpectedly rewarded. Beloved actor Gary Oldman snagged his first nomination this year, and Nick Nolte’s excellent supporting turn in Warrior was praised, offering him his first such recognition in almost a decade.

Still, perhaps the biggest double take for those who haven’t closely followed the lead-up to the race is Melissa McCarthy. The comedienne won over a lot of fans when Bridesmaids was first released, but few imagined her as a potential nominee upon first viewing. A few months later, she took home an Emmy for her work on Mike & Molly, and most saw the win as a sign of just how much good will the actress had fostered from her uproarious turn.

Now she’s a nominee, and one of the more polarizing ones in decades. Many casual filmgoers seem thrilled with a raunchy comedy they loved so much getting recognition, but many critics and hardened movie fans are annoyed her presence likely cost either Vanessa Redgrave or Shailene Woodley their own chances at glory.

Part of me is sad neither of those women will get a chance to dress up and have a good time at the Oscars, but part of me is also really happy the Academy is recognizing a different kind of film. What do you think? Should Melissa McCarthy have been nominated? Let us know by voting in the poll below…

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