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Newt Gingrich’s personal life is a well documented mess. He reportedly left his first wife while she had cancer, admitted to cheating on his second wife and leaving her after she was diagnosed with MS and is currently married to a woman twenty-three years his junior. All of this has been public knowledge for years, which many think is the reason why it hasn’t seemed to hurt his candidacy that much. The outrage has long since passed, and voters are ready to judge him on the contents of his platforms, not his moral character. Or at least that seemed to be the case until earlier this week when one of his ex-wives came forward with an allegation claiming he asked her for an open marriage.

The salacious accusation was made to ABC News by second wife Marianne. She claims when Newt finally fessed up to his six year affair, he asked she consider sharing him with his current wife, then mistress, Callista rather than ending the marriage. She refused, and the couple ended up in court.

Since the report was first released, Gingrich and his daughters from his first marriage have all denied the story. I’m not exactly sure how the girls would know how the conversation went down, but they seem pretty sure Marianne is full of it. I, on the other hand, don’t have as much confidence in Newt. There’s a good chance the accusation is the lie of a bitter woman whose husband left for someone younger, but it’s still hard not to consider all plausible scenarios for a man who’s admitted his share of affairs.

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