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Carving a funny or cool looking pumpkin is a satisfying pre-Halloween chore, but without a steady stream of new people to show it to, the fruits of the labor can get boring pretty quickly. Luckily, there’s some genius out there who figured out a way to bypass the boringness and turn the pumpkin into an endless conduit for fun.

On a crazy whim, Nathan from Haha Bird decided to turn his yearly pumpkin into a fully playable game of Tetris. The handle on top is the joystick and a matrix with LED lights serves as the screen. Take a look at this awesomeness below…

Tomorrow night, some kid in Wisconsin will magically get 12 king size candy bars during his time trick or treating and think he was the holiday’s big winner. He’ll be wrong. Unless this pumpkin brilliance inexplicably explodes and sets its builder’s house on fire, there is no one in the world who will have crushed Halloween more than Nathan. We should all hope to accomplish as much as he did next year.

For any of you Al Borland’s out there, Nathan has been kind enough to put a step-by-step instruction guide of how he accomplished his Pumpktris online. If you’re good with your hands or just really excited about Tetris, you should head on over to his site and take a look now.

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