I’ve seen plenty of wild and weird items go up for auction in the past, including a rare nickel that pulled in over $3 million and a massive elephant bird’s egg that sold for more than you would probably guess. However, I’ve never heard of anything as strange as the piece of astronaut history an auction house in New Hampshire is prepping to sell. Later this month, RR Auctions will sell more than 100 lots of space and aviation memorabilia, including an EKG reading of Neil Armstrong’s heartbeat when he stepped on the moon.

While the EKG is probably the weirdest item on the bill, the Space & Aviation auction will actually offer a variety of unusual NASA-oriented objects, including a rotational control handle shared by Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins during Apollo 11, a foot-long lunar orbit map, plenty of signatures, and a production model of a Lunar Traverse Gravimeter that is one of only a few in existence. Lots are available from many different Apollo missions, however, including 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 and beyond that buyers can bid on items from Skylab, as well.

The crème de la crème is the Apollo 11 stuff, however, and according to The AP, the EKG was literally taken when Armstrong stepped on to the moon for the very first time. That’s some pretty impressive stuff and you can throw your money into the hat to try to nab one or more of the unique items when the auction begins on May 16. Bidding will continue through May 23 and you can check out more about some of the items over at RR Auction’s site.

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