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After months of rumors, Elisabeth Hasselbeck officially left The View last month for an opportunity to join the panel of Fox And Friends. In the time since, she’s basically been in limbo, as her service to The View was over but her official start date for Fox & Friends wasn’t yet announced. Fortunately for the former Survivor star’s biggest fans, that limbo is now over.

According to Real Clear Politics, Hasselbeck will officially start her new job on September 16. That’s a Monday and will give her a nice full week to plunge in head first and get to know her new co-workers and the slightely altered format of her new show.

On the one hand, this job seems like a slam dunk for Hasselbeck. She honed her skills in front of the camera on The View for almost ten years, and while she attracted her share of criticism from some corners for her conservative views, no one ever accused her of being uncomfortable on camera or not personable. On Fox News, those conservative views certainly won’t be a minus. In fact, they’ll make her fit right in, which should set up a situation in which she’s even more likely to succeed.

On the other hand, however, Hasselbeck might be extremely conservative when compared against the more liberal hosts of The View, but she’s actually kind of a moderate when compared against the other voices on Fox News. At this point, it’s very unclear how she might respond to being bombarded by opinions to the right of her. Beyond that, it’s unclear how she might gel with co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade or how she might deal with only talking about politics.

As such, it’s really unclear how she might do. There are some critics who are already ready to point out her shortcomings before she’s even begun, and there are others who think everything will be hunky dory. We want to know where you stand. Do you think Hasselbeck will work on Fox & Friends, or do you think this really isn’t as good of an idea as it first seemed? Let us know which side you stand on by voting in the poll below…

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