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When Dr. Dre set out to create the best damn hologram he could muster of famous rapper Tupac Shakur in time for this year’s Coachella festivities, the music artist and producer seemed to have high hopes for a technology that is just getting its feet wet. While holograms on every stage are still a long way from being perfected, the “The Next Episode“ singer stated he can see the Digital Domain Media Group’s work recreated in other singers, specifically mentioning Jimi Hendrix and Marvin Gaye. As it turns out, hologram productions may start churning out sooner than even Dr. Dre hoped.

Digital Domain Media Group has just announced a deal to produce a bunch of holograms that will be virtual look-alikes of Elvis Presley. So far, the company is being pretty vague about what the multitude of forthcoming holograms will be used for, suffice to say films, television, and maybe even some live venues will reap the benefits of the 3D Elvis likenesses. According to Billboard because the company does not own the rights to Elvis images, the Tupac Shakur hologram creators are partnering with the brand-managing company Core Media Group to create the new technological feats.

I’m not certain sticking all of these hands into one pot was the way to go with the hologram initiative, but Elvis does have a ton of fans. Besides, it was probably cheaper to earn the rights to one musical artist rather than multiple artists for appearances. All in all, I’m not sold on the digital Elvis, but if the ball was going to get rolling, it had to start somewhere, and a hip shaking superstar will be just fine for the task. I wonder if the hologram makers will roll with Elvis in his prime, or lean more toward the cape and gold lamé period?

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