In the wake of Evelyn Lozada’s tumultuous fight and subsequent separation from former football player Chad Johnson, the celebrity wife and author has decided to cancel all public appearances. The woman already lost her upcoming VH1 reality show, Ev & Ocho, but the cancellation of all upcoming events means her book tour is now defunct, too.

On August 11, Lozada apparently found a receipt for condoms Johnson had purchased, which sparked an argument. During the course of the back-and-forth quarrel, Johnson allegedly headbutted his then-wife, causing her to bleed. The poor woman had to escape the house and call the police as her husband prowled the block looking for her. The whole event sounds vicious and scary, and if true, it is no surprise the 36-year-old later filed for divorce.

TMZ is reporting the former football wife is dodging an appearance at a book exposition, where she was expected to show up alongside everyone’s favorite Real Housewife, Teresa Giudice, as well as cutting out some upcoming book talks. No one can really blame Lozada for cancelling all of her upcoming book gigs. Sure, her new title The Wives Association: Inner Circle would have been a good chance for the woman to branch out beyond simply dating famous people, but no one at any book talk is going to care about her written words after the recent turn of events. It will probably be best for her to just stay low for a while and go back about her business after the brouhaha has died down.

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