Once upon a time, rapper and business mogul Jay-Z jet-setted around the world, performing 7 live shows in one day. It was the most music concerts on record to be played in 24 hours. Not to be beaten, The Flaming Lips' Wayne Cohn had a grander idea: not only would the band perform a record eight shows in 24 hours, but they would do the record one better by traveling via bus instead of airplane.

That kind of feat deserves and requires months and months of planning and preparation to pull off. After The Flaming Lips had chosen the Mississippi Delta as the location for their quick tour, they hooked up with groups willing to play different branches in different cities with them. Bands joining The Flaming Lips on tour included Jackson Browne, Neon Trees, Karmin, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Gary Clark Jr., Hunter Hayes, GIVERS, and Neon Indian, among others. To perform such a feat, the band tasked themselves with a set of rules. At each venue, the band had to play for at least 15 minutes. Additionally, one of the songs played needed to be a collaboration track with one of the faithful tour bands lending a hand during the insane day.

According to THR, on Thursday, the band’s magnificent feat was achieved, with eight concerts being completed in 24 hours. The whole thing was documented by Viacom’s O Music Awards, and a livestream was available for fans to keep tabs on the band and interact with the bus, the stage, and the production truck. Now, Wayne Cohn can feel free to sit back, sip some Dom Perignon and enjoy the glory that is beating Jay-Z.

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