Flavor Flav Allegedly Chased His Fiancee's Son Around The House With 2 Knives

More details are starting to emerge from Flavor Flav’s arrest early yesterday morning, and many of them are downright scary. The Public Enemy hype man stands accused of throwing his fiancée on the ground twice and then chasing her seventeen-year-old son around the house while wielding a knife in each hand. He’s reportedly denying the latter part of the story, but nonetheless, Flav remains in jail on $23,000 bail. You can check out his mug shot below…

According to KTNV, Elizabeth Trujillo, the thirty-nine-year-old fiancée in question, told police the domestic disturbance began over the musician’s alleged cheating. An argument reportedly ensued after she confronted him about his behavior, and the back-and-forth quickly spiraled out of control. Her earring was allegedly ripped out during the skirmish, and when her son jumped in to defend her, that’s when the knives came out. The poor teenager supposedly locked himself in his sister’s room, only to see Flav kick the door down and threaten him again.

When authorities arrived, they found the knives on the kitchen floor, as well as cuts on Flav’s arms consistent with wielding such weapons. He was later arrested and officially charged with assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor battery. Given his history of brushes with the law, this mess could net the celebrity some time in jail. We’ll see whether he cuts a deal or not.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to the rest of Flav’s family.

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