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Floyd Mayweather Jr was sentenced to ninety days in jail for misdemeanor domestic battery months ago, but he had the sentenced delayed so he could make more than thirty million dollars fighting Miguel Cotto. The boxing match was a raging success for Mayweather, and if the judge’s early words to the celebrity are any indication, his debt to society should be cleared up in no time.

Unlike a ton of famous people who bitch and moan and put off their community service for as long as possible, Mayweather, always a good businessman, actually took care of a good chunk of it before he even headed off to jail. According to TMZ, the judge was beyond pleased to see Money knocked off forty-five of his one hundred hours of community service as well as almost half of his domestic violence classes. After his jail sentence which may not last the full ninety days, he’ll go back in front of a judge on November 15th for an update. He’s not required to be finished by then, but at this rate, he very well may be.

Why such an intelligent man with a keen eye for how things are perceived could wind up in jail is anyone’s guess, but here’s to hoping Floyd takes the high road in the future and keeps his full freedom for the rest of his life. Being in jail is not only bad press, it’s lost income, and there are few things Mayweather likes less than lost income.

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