Last year, American car company Ford topped the list of cars sold in the US, with 2.1 million vehicle sales. In 2012, the Ford brand has topped the list, again, and has managed to even increase its brand presence a little bit, selling 2.2 million cars in the past year. However, overseas the auto brand is down somewhat in 2012.

Looking at the bright side of things, Ford seems proud of its achievement, having pushed the car company back in to the sales territory the company was in prior to the country’s economic difficulties. Sales Analyst Erich Merkle recently told The Washington Post, the company is proud of its achievement, one other American brands have not shown quite as well.
“Before the recession, 2 million in sales was fairly common. After the recession, of course, that all changed. We’re the first one back to pre-recession levels.”

While it sounds pretty impressive, the US numbers aren’t the only ones that count. While the Ford Focus has made a niche in the Asian market, Ford went from $6.6 billion in sales during the first part of 2011 overseas and that number dropped to $4.07 billion in sales during the same time period in 2012. The company’s goal seems to be to continue to hardcore push the new model Focus overseas. For every stride, there are also issues to combat, but at least the US automakers seem willing to push forward and attempt new ideas in 2013.

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