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Well, that didn’t last long. Just weeks after announcing she and husband Jason Hoppy were going to be spending some time apart, Bethenny Frankel decided officially ending the marriage was a better call than working on it. The former reality star and cocktail mogul filed a summons for divorce in court earlier this week, setting in motion the first step of several needed to reclaim her single life.

According to TMZ, Frankel gave no indication of her plans when she first announced the split from her husband last month, but given how little time has passed, it’s likely she was planning to end things all along. That or she doesn’t take very long to make gigantic life decisions.

Frankel and Hoppy met in a nightclub back in 2008. Less than a year later, he popped the question and she said yes. A pregnancy came next, followed by a wedding and the birth of their only child. At the time, their relationship showed so much promise, but over the years, the strain of her busy career and his relatively normal life must have become too much to bear. Or maybe there’s just a giant personal life scandal they’ve played extremely close to the vest.

Regardless of the reasons behind the split, Pop Blend sends out its best wishes to Frankel and Hoppy as they move forward apart. Here’s to hoping they continue to co-parent and cooperate as much as possible.

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