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Former Bond Girl Almost Killed By Frosted Mini-Wheats

Lana Wood may not have needed medical assistance after her character, Plenty O’Toole, was thrown out a window in Diamonds Are Forever, but apparently, Frosted Mini-Wheats pack a bit more of a punch. The former Peyton Place regular and sister of famed actress Natalie Wood was making herself some food earlier this week when she began sneezing and coughing. After swelling began, she reportedly rushed to an urgent care facility. Doctors there called for an ambulance, and by the time she reached the hospital, she could no longer talk.

According to TMZ, an allergic reaction to those damn Mini-Wheats was eventually pinpointed as the cause of the swelling, and a few short hours after arriving, the actress was reportedly sent on her way. In the days since, she’s suffered no more ill-effects from her frightening ordeal and should be fine heading into the future, provided she can steer clear of the delicious cereal.

Given she’s sixty-six-years-old, it’s a bit strange Wood just now discovered this horrid allergy, but it’s a good thing she got help as quickly as she did. If she’d waited longer and continued eating the food, it could have been a far worse outcome. Luckily for fans, and more importantly her grandchildren, the situation played out more as a funny story than a life-altering mess.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to Wood as she’ll now have to live the rest of her life never getting to taste the deliciousness of those new Mini-Wheats with blueberries in the center.

Mack Rawden

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