Frank Langella Takes Aim At Former Friends And Lovers In Memoir

Frank Langella might seem like the typical, mild-mannered seventy-four year old actor, but his personal life boasts one of the strangest dating resumes of all-time. At one point or another, he was involved with everyone from Rita Hayworth to Elizabeth Taylor to Whoopi Goldberg. He also won three Tony Awards, was nominated for an Academy Award and had bromances with a ton of famous actors. As such, he could easily pack it in and smile on a crazy life well lived, but instead, he’s apparently decided to drudge up the past in a memoir that’s being described as “bitchy”.

According to Radar Online, Langella’s book, entitled Dropped Named: Famous Men And Women As I Knew Them, devotes time to Paul Newman, Richard Burton, Laurence Olivier and even Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The former first lady, the actor claims, found money to be “an aphrodisiac”, but perhaps his biggest insult is aimed at Anne Bancroft, whose talent was apparently undermined by her “galloping narcissism.”

I haven’t the slightest idea why Frank Langella would feel the need to write a memoir at this point. I highly doubt he needs the money, and he certainly doesn’t need the fame. Maybe he just had some pent-up anger he needed to get out, or maybe when the book is finally released next week, we’ll find it’s filled with overwhelmingly positive stories about his former loves and former friends and just a handful of negativity. We shall see. Until then, don’t cross Frank Langella in case he outlives you and decides to write again.

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