Gene Hackman Doing Alright After Bicycle Accident

Gene Hackman was out for an enjoyable bicycle ride in the Florida Keys when something horrific happened: he was hit by a vehicle. Now, a lot of people who routinely bike along a street get nicks, bruises, or worse from an accident at some point in their bicycling lives. However, it is infinitely worse when you are not wearing a helmet, are getting up in years, or are hit by a vehicle larger than a small car. Unfortunately, 81 year-old Hackman suffered from all three.

Hackman was riding down Islamorada Street in the afternoon when he was hit by a pick-up truck. The truck came up from behind and knocked the helmet-less actor from his own vehicle. Luckily, there was some grass nearby that Hackman fell into, so the helmet-less thing is less of a big deal than it potentially could have been. After the accident, Hackman was sent via helicopter to a hospital where he was looked at for injuries.

While it is extremely irresponsible to be riding around with no helmet, Islamorada Street or no, I’m happy to hear Hackman is going to be alright. According to USA Today, the accident was far more startling than life threatening. It seems the man only retained “bumps and bruises” after his brief tumble. Even if an accident is more a shot at Hackman’s dignity than anything else, I do hope the man is more careful cycling in the future. Many people are not excited about bikers on the road, and putting yourself in a position to be rear-ended is never the best call. I'm not saying Hackman should keep away from his passion, just that caution should reign supreme.