I don’t like posting commercials. Even when they’re really cool, it just strikes me as wrong given that they’re meant to sell a brand, but now and again, something comes along that’s too damn sweet to ignore. Entitled “From Love To Bingo”, the minute long spot was created by copywriter Sophie Schoenburg and art director Marcus Kotlhar, and it features eight hundred and seventy-three Getty Images shown in rapid succession to tell a larger story. It’s beautiful. It’s mesmerizing, and it has to be watched. Take a look at the footage below…

God only knows how frustrating this must have been to put together, but all the effort was well worth it. Each one of the eight hundred and seventy-three images looks beautiful if you happen to randomly pause on it, and each one works so well with the next there’s never a jumpiness or awkward moment.

Also of note is the fact Getty Images has now compiled a database of more than thirty-eight million pictures, which, is frankly incredible. I doubt many of the photographers thought their snapshots would one day wind up in this lovely order, but something tells me they’re all pleased to have helped in a small way to create this masterpiece.

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