Giuliana Rancic has been a trooper throughout a pretty traumatic year that saw her not only fight breast cancer but also realize having a baby on her own was probably not the best answer. Forever positive, she and her husband, Bill Rancic, started from scratch and opted to have a baby through a gestational surrogate. In the months since, the couple have been all baby talk, even opting to have multiple baby showers for the wee guy. Now, with the due date approaching, the 36-year-old mom to be has something new on her plate to worry about.

Bill and Giuliana’s baby is due at the end of August, just a few days after Giuliana’s coverage of the Olympics in London ends. If the baby comes a little early, she is worried she may not only miss the birth, but will be out of the country completely when it happens! The E! news correspondant recently went on Today to talk the baby and the Olympics
"The baby is due the end of August, and I wrap at the Olympics on August 11. So we are going to be on standby.”

Showing her usual optimism, the mom-to-be said she had already gotten assurance from the doctor handling the birth the baby may not even come until early September. With any luck, she won’t be in the middle of gymnastics or track and field coverage when her baby comes into the world.
"We think it's going to be O.K. The doctor assured us. He thinks maybe even early September the baby will come."

With mommy potentially in London and the whole gestational thing in effect, the baby may have a highly unusual birth, but there’s one thing for certain: his name will be extremely normal. Pop Blend will keep you posted when more details about the birth become solidified.

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