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So you’ve been Googling things for a long while now, and you’re sort of wondering what Google thinks of you. Well, thanks to the comic minds at College Humor, a video of Google as a real guy exists. Following up the previous video, the newest “If Google Was Still A Guy” video shows how creepy all of us are.

It’s also hilarious to watch the subtle moment when the father’s using Google after the daughter and autofill finishes his question for him, thus alerting him to the issue at hand. Sometimes the convenience of autofill comes back to haunt you. There was a nice dig at Bing in this second video, although truthfully Bing is doing just fine. It may not have attained status as a common use verb, but Microsoft’s search engine does power Siri’s internet search function on iOS7.

Apparently Google also thinks Google Glass is silly, and wants you to take its doodles seriously. I mean, we’re celebrating the art of Jackson Pollack here! Also, if you were wondering if Google thought your varied porn interests were weird, he does. And, they are. Then again, the internet is for porn. I’m not certain it’s for hentai, but however you get your swerve on I guess. The internet is also for the NSA to spy on U.S. citizens with, everyone take a moment to leave a comment below saying “hey, how are ya?” to our spy overlords.

Check out the original video below for more search engine hilarity.

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