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News is streaming in that Harrison Ford was injured in a plane crash this afternoon when he crash landed on a golf course in Venice, California. Ford who has been a long-time pilot (even outside of his time manning the Millennium Falcon) was alone in a single-engine plane when the accident occurred.

NBC Los Angeles reports that Ford was piloting a vintage World War II Training plane which had taken off just East of the golf course at the Santa Monica Airport. There has not been any further information released on the cause of the crash, or a consensus on the severity of the injuries sustained, but TMZ first reported that the plan was indeed being piloted by the critically-acclaimed actor. NBC’s aerial footage showed the small single-engine plane crashed on the ground while a single person was being treated by paramedics and placed into an ambulance to be transported to a hospital.

While the footage of the plane does not look to have very severe damage, it does show enough to have caused injury, especially because of the size and openness of the cockpit. A resident of the area who was at the golf course when the accident occurred told the news organization that it looked like a plane he saw often leaving from the Santa Monica Airport, and he believed it must have hit the top of a tree.

THR reached out to Ford’s representatives for a comment, but they did not immediately respond to a request. And a rep for the Venice Police Department indeed confirmed that the crash had happened but would not release officially who was involved. Apparently there were two physicians on scene who treated the actor, so it is still unconfirmed whether the injuries sustained were minor enough to be treated on scene, or if there were more serious issues needed to be dealt with at a local hospital.

There is bound to be more definitive answers to come on the status of the 72-year-old movie star who has a full plate ahead of him filmwise including reprisals of fan-favorite roles in films such as Indiana Jones 5, Untitled Blade Runner Project, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

UPDATE: Deadline reports that law enforcement officials have confirmed that Harrison Ford is currently in stable condition at a nearby hospital.

Update: Harrison Ford's son Ben shared an update on Twitter...

UPDATE: USA Today reports the details of Ford's crash landing. Apparently the actor reported engine failure and requested for immediate return but was unable to reach the runway, therefore crash-landing instead. Ford's publicist confirmed that the actor had no choice but to make emergency landing, which he did safely. He was banged up, and is currently in the hospital receiving medical care but there were no life threatening injuries and is expected to make full recovery.

The National Transportation Safety Board is further investigating the cause of the crash, but all is well with Ford who was conscious and alert when the paramedics arrived to the scene. One NTSM investigator told USA Today:
This pilot is an experienced pilot. The pilot reported a loss of engine power and was attempting to return to the runway. It appears he clipped the top of a tree and came to rest on the golf course.

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