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There are certain books that only seem to get better with each re-read and the Harry Potter series is certainly on that list. Of course, rereading the magical J.K. Rowling series requires lugging each of the books, which get progressively heavier as the series moves forward toward its excellent conclusion. As a Potter fan, a Kindle owner, and someone who has grown accustomed to being able to find most of the books I want to read tucked away in one compact device, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when the Harry Potter books would be available in eBook form, so that my occasional hankering for Hogwarts drama could be satiated at the touch of a button (like magic!). That day has arrived.

All seven Harry Potter books are now available for sale at As Entertainment Weekly reports, with the books being sold at Rowling’s own website, the author will be able to keep most of the profits. However, “customers will still be able to download the books via other retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and Google onto devices like the Kindle, NOOK, Sony Reader, and Google Play.”

Right now, the prices for each book range from $7.99 to $9.99, but those who plan on owning the whole set may be better off buying the full collection. The cost for The Complete Harry Potter Collection eBook is $57.54. That seems like a steep price, especially for those of us who would technically be re-purchasing the book in order to own it in eBook form, but by comparison to the average cost of an eBook, Just under $60 for seven (really good) books, is actually a pretty good deal.

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