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We’re now into day three of the Heather Locklear saga, and the actress’ future is still unclear. She’s back home after her hospitalization and in the company of her parents, but the former Melrose Place star is reportedly refusing to enter a treatment facility. She has a long list of alcohol and prescription drug-related issues in her past including an arrest for DUI, a 911 call placed by her therapist and a few stays in rehab. That, coupled with her sister’s frantic call to authorities on Thursday and her subsequent stay in the intensive care unit, seem to be all the proof her family needs that there’s a serious issue going on, but people often gauge their own problems differently than outsiders.

According to TMZ, sources close to Locklear’s family are saying she's being pushed toward a medical facility rather than a standard rehab, but apparently, as of now, the actress is still resistant to either of those places. The ideal situation is reportedly a prolonged stay at UCLA Hospital, which is both close to home and near the top of its field.

With a teenage daughter at home and an engagement that recently ended, Locklear has had a lot on her personal life plate for awhile. It’s entirely possible she would be unwilling to stay in a facility given all she needs to take care of at home, but sometimes it’s better not to be there for the ones you love in the short term in order to better serve them in the long run.

Regardless of what Locklear ultimately does, Pop Blend wishes her nothing but the best in her recovery.