Following their separation announcement, Heidi Klum and Seal spent some time apart over the past few months to figure out whether a divorce was definitely the right decision. Upon reflection, the supermodel apparently still feels the same way. She filed the divorce papers yesterday, citing irreconcilable differences and letting the legal system know a prenuptial agreement is in play that should split the assets up.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Klum also petitioned the court to grant her sole physical custody of the children while allowing Seal to visit and retain joint legal custody. If granted, that would likely mean the kids would live with Klum for the entire year but still maintain frequent contact with their father. It’s unclear how Seal might respond when his own paperwork is filed, but with a prenup in place, any squabbling will likely be over custody issues rather than money.

Three months later, the news of Seal and Heidi Klum’s break-up is still a tough pill to swallow. Through yearly vow renewals and numerous public displays of affection, it seemed like the couple had the goods to make it long term. Obviously, that perception was a bit askew. With four children to look after, the most important thing moving forward will obviously be their health and well being; so, here’s to hoping the famous pair can find away to get along and continue to make decisions together. Pop Blend wishes them nothing but the best in that pursuit.

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